Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Myth of Religious Tolerance

Penumbral anarchism. Seven laws of Noah. Interlucate
Calls from intermediaries. Funerary. Infirm catechism.

You loathe the candidate that sews ties with condoms
and lies, surely there are other minds. I broach themes
and antonyms and homonyms, that I may stay awake.

Southern lights, o Southern lights, make peace please
with the Christian hegemony. O Northern wind, o silly
windchimes, ring me a bell for fecund ceremony only.

Fight! Until the day I die, we'll be sibilant and flatulent
both at the same time at the hours of our lives, amour.
Amour, yes, amour I said as though we were French,

the long breads we carried from camp to camp, silliest
as silly could go, but no---we knew better & southerly
we went, away from our druthers, me, you & my Pop

forever and ever; Amir, Amir, where's Amir? Christian
crusaders were fencing with Moorish marauders (sic),
all fabulous, caricaturesque beauty. What campy ones.

I loathe candidates, ties with corporations, & lookism.
And lies. Surely those other minds, debating, will die?

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