Sunday, September 6, 2009

For UN Worker Lila, Who Prefers To Be Flattered Beyond the Blue of the Sky As She Prepares To Sleep In New York

All right, then. Doff the sky-blue helmet to the UN-derbelly
Of the war cynosure, Lil, sweet as bills of the birds of sleep
In the dawning of a new day---the compulsion to change the world
Can wait, New York neighborhoods among sex offenders can shake
In their big, espied-on non-obscurities beyond the First World's
Basic need for subsidies on corn resulting in high currency
Assigned to cheap food. The daily massacre against our 'hood,
Genocide, is not without its accompanying lilac protests, Lil,
Sometimes outrageous as anti-Bush shoes, but we'll not choose
Sylvia Plath and her tulips in Ariel, plotting the pith while
The kids sleep, but human development in your dreams, human
Delinquents descending like sheep down Amartya Sen hill for
An attack from the flanks of the capability well. Sen, seen
Since on a page on freedom, expanding freedoms, floats above
You distributing wealth, and equitably too, along with social
Services exploring capabilities under your helmet, little sis.

Sleep as a bud now. Li'l by li'l, lilac skies flower a sky blue bliss.

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  1. Saved this already, Jo, for the July issue of PPB. Painfully cynical, as usual, very Jo de Veyra. Will this permission enable me to raid your blog for poems from time to time?