Tuesday, September 1, 2009

4 160-Chracter Poems

1. MRT NIGHTS. Such a train o thot gets u nwher. A salary in celery pickld lyk a bad tickle irks u, angers u: pushn & shovn til u, alone, gt yr way. W/ a bad loan.

2. LAF. Dark glciers, far's i cd c. Bt in tween, th sea warm lyk a sneez gave th loudst breez. I'm such a whiz. Half o Mnila drowned by the sound. Half, a laf.

3. COMA. Twas a comma. Saw her & a karma, calmly car-crashn ovr & ovr til th nytmare woke her 2 a daymare. Rmembers a mare, wreckd lyk a neck downwards. Was it wine?

4. HER JAM. And so it did, casually intriguing at first, horribly intimidating at day's end. It did. Come, it did. Then slid. What a bonus, and joyous as marmalade.


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