Friday, September 11, 2009

Computer Widow Cooking For A Famed Busy Living Editor On Vacation

Computer widow cooking for a famed busy living editor on vacation.
Bagging a notebook at a Baguio home, I'd be watching your profile

than alone, and like a friend, it is, in a box with my name, logs and
more aflame, in the outburst of URLs and dotcom yahoos. I, cooing

a trill as a feathered fame, vexed by my Wikipedia entry, a game,
certainly see the social isms that measure the blogs as absolutely

Philippine terrain, no charity by heaven, sweepstakes to my nape,
now to the office website I go before submission. Other bookmarks,

other downloads emailed like mental caresses. Other pages' starts,
others' untitled art, all become part and parcel of these notations---

rotations on the desktop of my grandmother's antique sewing shop.
It's 11:26 ante meridiem. Time to check out lottery winning nos.,

get some lunch beyond stale burgers with your omelet, marmalade,
but first, to a website for my submission. And then a kiss on a nape.

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