Saturday, September 5, 2009

Lullaby (Motherless, Nameless Young Torturers Torturing A Fellow Young African To Sleep)

---for Lila Shahani, UN worker

a derider you say i am i am
but a ridiculous riddance of
my gods, and a lad at that
with sumptuous filaments of
sinews and prejudices, sample
fur---courtesies and infamies.

a fiducial inquirer you say
i am but i will not, as usual,
summon gumptions of, bitter
still, hacks and better kiss
of bort. a derider, you say?
i am just a cat, with an ax.

on your bloodied face i blurt
out a laugh and loud lisping
for comedy or chancery blues,
and whether seams erupt on
the robe of my lost mama i'd
still laugh, a secret sobber.

a defiler, you seem to know
me to be, i hate your beauty
o hanky panky of a luxuriant
black aberrance, how do you
wondrously, crimson and fine,
get bloody angry, dead gazer?

die now, and close your eyes.

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