Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Perennial Measure

cover photo and design by Marcel Antonio

--after Eugenio Montale's Cuttlefish Bones

This is it, an irresistible purge pure as the putrid
smell of parmigiano-reggiano I just have to tell
you about, otherwise I'd go crazy with laziness,
I won't know what to do aside from job-wait

in the land of peer-hate and crimes' journalese.
This is that, a party or poesy joyous with blase
blogging flagged at every measure but constant,
blatantly musical, trumpeting uncontrolled ease

in the city of grey concrete littered with plastic
insensitivities and manic individualism. I hurl
my silent keyboard with impunity, irresistible
purge this is, hungry as yesterday's hellish pizza

though nostalgia won't do us any good, it's time
to be looking forward, put up a new standard
in service of the old, for the same ideals burn
in me as the Fascist desire---power/harmony,

preferably pursued in greater graceful fashion,
sort of like Milan on a cafe afternoon, posing
as a dandy, but only with words, only with sly
inconsolable asymmetry by my flagging poetry.

---Milan, er, Manila, August 2009

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