Monday, August 17, 2009

Imported Manly Ceremonies Before a Friend’s Crucifixion

The samovar’s fabulousness has come to town.
Similarly, sweetness. And religion. And hypocrisy.
But I offer no complaints, merely stashing deviations
On everyone’s take on the unpopular—I take pleasure
In defending the not-so-obvious, the murdering antlers
Of my dear grandmother’s passion for intelligent gossip,
Its metal tarnished through the weeks. I am, married and
Consequently funny, lugubriously nonchalant in tasting
The fruits of chemistry on TV. Care for wine with your
Woman? Care for sun, or matutinal moondrops on the
Beaches of WWII? Hell, yeah. Hell, yeah. You are so
Right, I am just carousing. But isn’t that better than
Just boasting or nursing a cantankerous glee on the
Night of our departure, our nature being to cry?

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