Monday, August 24, 2009

The Loveless Wealthy Child's Absentee Father

God's only human, so:
To gargle prevarications for paeans
Is neither symmetry of gargantuan assumptions
Nor follicular formula for success on Earth.

I was aiming for jocularity
When I heard the churchbells, but
Was advised promptly by my nursemaid to hush
Down for humanoid focus, parricide in mind.

And gratitude for soup kitchen greige!
Ingratitude, you say, and I say blah
Blah blah you're super-unsatisfactory
In love or by seminary rules.

In the end, there's the shoutouts
At the cyber-park we seldom visit but must
Get to now in a huff. What hosiery
Are you wearing just now, huh,

Mademoiselles d'Avignon?
God's only human, I keep saying,
He wouldn't care if I cry a bucket,
Lockets in my jacket, he wouldn't know,

Even, what I'm all about, all around me
Stairs and heaven concepts and hell's
Angels in bikes and skateboards, parents
Abroad, and neither would he believe

I much need his help, believing as
Is his wont, I'm doin' okay in my bed, but
How could I be when he's always playing dead?

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