Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Military Appeals for Calm On Evita's Candidacy

And so it's true---unbetrothed to the wiles,
the simplicity, that incondite monstrosity
of her sermon first unheard, still unplowed,
the communities are continually at odds now

over the virtue of her existence. And so he
who was without sin cast out to sea to seek
solemnity, severity, at this news of her new
security/corruptibility. Let me stand here

and testify to beauty. To new grandiosities
of grandiloquent eloquence. To impassioned
militarist impotence, the religious' hatred,
a prejudice parried off as the potent patty

for the sham burgerology of our Daily Bread.
To hunger, and lust, behind a wailing creed.
Boredom. Snobbish kingdoms. Lost republics!
But the highest sin---the opinion of publics?

He devoid of evil, cast now the devil out of
the charities, please, the hotels, the civil
servants' hells. The decade of our capacity to
know has come, thanks to you, and you, or

you, so now go! In peace. For while standing
pleas for calm are in order, peoples' judges
now richly sit over porridge and peas, poets
broadcast on networks of guilt towards these:

images that provoke masturbatory mentalities;
braggarts' mirages invoking freedom from all
iniquities, royalties, reports out of wedlock;
tomatoes in Switzerland; that pain in the womb.

May 16, 2007 - August 25, 2009

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