Sunday, August 23, 2009

Amarakosha Entry On An Exit

---a guffaw piece for Pablo Biglang-awa, who tells stories about the assholes of the world from behind the camera, who prompted me to an old thesaurus form from the 5th century

His butt skin stripped and laid on the table
Like wrapping for bologna, the autopsy experts
Were at the base extremities of their patience,
Still could not reach the tail end of a puzzle
Or the end of the tunnel, see the bottom of it---
Everyone too worn out, dedications to the hilt
To see the gaping hole, colon to the semicolon,

But punctuating their devils' tails and banging
Logbooks on table tips, resignation's fundament,
While that stump of an ass wallowed in the tub---
Soaked in chemicals yet, not drunk enough from
A night of accidents, hemorrhoidal bottoms-ups
Where his gun slit his jeans' backpocket flaps:
Wringing seat, posterior dispersed interiorly.

As yet to be proven, one theoretical conflict.
What's at the bottom? An asshole's automatic.

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