Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Imagining Quick Boaz Hating All Things Foreign

You're right all of the time and I'm wrong every minute,
that's what I get for being such an ass.
You're fine and you're wine and I'm great at anger only,
savor the philosophies of Andromeda!

I've known you for a fact only and I've known you to be truth.
What are you doing with my shoe, huh, Ruth?
Israel, Levirate, the pedantic tome,
sanctuary only to my periglottis.

And she swung to the buggery, sucked vines to the teeth!
Nothing is sacred, I say, nothing is sweet.
And fire away, Ezra, sing to my blood!
My knife on pure chicks I'll fix to be glad!

Carapato, Tarapoto, bitch of a father!
Give me a pot, throw it 'round, holler!
I'll fuck your walls, o Elimelech!
Did you fuck Orpah too at the back of her neck?

I say purity, sanctity, nationalism!
Fire all these infidels, hail Deutoronomism!

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