Monday, August 23, 2010

Window Vainly On Unemployed Poetry, Tulad Ng Bolo N'yo

Lackluster daw ang performance niya,
de-numero sa mga dapat gawin.

Humiliated perpetually, powerless, property-less,
yet another humiliation tonight, one on top of another
on this other, the crux and root of his unhappiness, having
no birthright right to protest against becoming the spittoon,
deserving it like a sherbet; the Queen, checking him out in his
dungeon of a situation, forever Right in her philosophy and peer-
party speeches with spit, coddled by villagers and Catholics and
elderly judges, labellers with aplomb, the mummified eternity
of having an undying upper hand with a sceptre of privilege,
final knowledge, the fortunate power to blame and shame
vainly---look out, out arriving in her garage-way: the
unwrongable righteousness. Singing in the night,
complaining about her work while trampling
the leaves with the beauty of closed eyes,
telling all the labelled curb snakes how
comfortable they already are in
the labelled city grass.

Lackluster daw ang performance niyo,
de-numero sa mga dapat gawin!

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