Thursday, August 19, 2010

Nakapaglaba Na Me

Nakapaglaba na ng PE shirt and pants for my kiddo.
Sabi kasi ng teacher PE uli sila tomorrow, and wow
Naman, dami ko pang gagawin; pero syempre, PE
Is PE and Philosophy is just philosophy. I mean this
Is not my dissertation I’m editing, it’s my kumare’s,
Philosophy major—that’s me, I exist to help others.
Though di ko masasabing Other ang anak ko, he’s
A part of me, y’see, as my hand is me, without which
Pilay ang buhay ko. And as for my kumare, aba:
She cooks for me, sleeps with me, I call her kumare
Kasi, even though she ain’t. Nakapaglaba na me!

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