Thursday, October 15, 2009


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The poem posted on October 12, 2009---"Perennial Failure"---ends this first poetry volume on and from this site, this collection eponymously titled Perennial Measure. Or maybe "Perennial Failure" is the first poem in this collection, should the reader prefer to read backwards in time to the first poem posted on August 12, 2009 ("Perennial Measure").

Here's a backgrounder to those new to this project:

After having written eight online books of poems and an online book of stories written in English, I resumed my online activity in 2009 with blogged poems. The poems were posted here, in this literary blog site, which was put up precisely for that purpose, blogging poems daily---or as was possible---for the completion of another volume.

And that has been achieved, from August to October. And now, this site is moving on: next to appear here will be chapters for a novel, appearing on a chapter-a-week basis.

About Perennial Measure, the online book:

On the seventh day in the writing of this series, or perhaps already subconsciously during the making of the first piece, "Perennial Measure," it became clear that the series shall be about the practice of poetry and art. But after I laid that assumption down, thereafter trying to follow that course, I saw that I was able to move later to the creation of pieces on various other themes. It was then as if I was leading my reader through those various themes and issues that confront a poet in his life and everyday world, qua poet. Still, so as not to veer too far away from the central theme, the series would again interrupt that straying to make me go back to writing another piece or pieces on poetry/art. And that push and pull from the central theme went on to the end of the volume project (which initially targetted 56 pieces/book pages worth). And now that I have reached the 57th piece, which all in all ends what could be a collection amounting to 60 pages in the printed format, I say that---indeed---this was a book about the art of writing poetry as a daily ritual. So, I say again, approach this collection as that, should it please you, and consider reading the last poem, "Perennial Failure," against the first one, "Perennial Measure," and vice versa. Otherwise, you can just approach the book how you rather would, as maybe you should.

Perennial Measure
(c) 2009 Vicente-Ignacio Soria de Veyra. All rights reserved.

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