Friday, October 9, 2009

The Bullion Bouillon

The emergency fund that merged with the mercenary, waylaid
by foreign trips fit for fiefdoms' sheiks: what cheek! Then, the
President, resident of government’s raison d'etre, Govinda to
a "jaya!" had made contingencies from the now-missing fund's
regencies. Until one real emergency came along. Then the long
faces, calamitous as clam in a steaming pan, frequented feigned
advice of support to supplant the tripping trappings media view
of representation. A representative revealed, yesterday became
exhausted news of travels and tours, trading in treachery bills.
But the fund, the fund! It found its way into some appropriation,
approbations, sacred approvals and appearances, sucking us up,
internationally surfeited, according to a radio station's rantings
on statutes. The budget? The blues? Who would believe it was
based on clues? A Commission on Audit was given the plaudits,
one report resurfaced, resubmitted as ripe rousing, speaking
for the house, and copies of the report were resounded by one
mouse to finally secure an assistant commissioner's assiduous
auditing, arbitration, indentation. We were so briefed like hell,
shocking the findings, shaking the shells of overspent billions.

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