Monday, October 5, 2009

Ode to the Urban Smell of Floodwaters

O humanity, with your septic stalwarts braving
The rain like tumultuous certificates of purity,
I owe you my liberation from intelligent pretense
Into lost streets of cinematic realism and aesthetic
Fundaments, rechristening my leprous fairness
In the waters of neighborliness; grant me
Further mishaps and bankruptcies that I may
Be blessed with the cover of incomprehensible
Saintliness and charitable loudness announcing
My rebirth, as if a presidential candidate askew
And amiss about the abetted mud of true sanctity;
Pedal me forward like a bike against the current,
But allow me a smile toward the contented jeers.

A jeep aborts a mission, a jar tangos to and fro,
A jeremiad sings a jalopy world of unrushed hours.
Whilst the floodwater, trash-induced and
A rat soup, rationally washes the world with our
Trimmings and trappings into drained fools’ energy.
But I, being I, will see another day, improved
Amid the decay as a lesson unlearned, white as paper
Freed from the rising tide of debris, phlegm, urine, oil,
Garbage sauces, and back in the aroma of proud ink.

1 comment:

  1. Delightful. Especially those, er, "garbage sauces"... YIKES.